Live Interpretation

We are able to offer live interpretation services for most types of events and other occasions where translation may be needed, including in instances where specialist language or terminology will be used. Upon request, we can also provide hosting/Master of Ceremonies services in English and Bulgarian. All of our interpreters have excellent knowledge of both languages and are able to speak clearly and confidently in the tone required by the occasion (eg. formal/informal, etc). Where appropriate, they will also check to ensure understanding after each section of speech (this is usually applicable to cases where an interpreter is assigned to a particular individual).

Examples of the types of events at which we can provide interpretation services include but are not limited to conferences, symposiums, meetings, presentations, cultural/entertainment events, television/film productions, concerts, and many others. We can also provide interpretation services for numerous other types of occasions, such as for court appearances, law enforcement interviews, government meetings, appearances/meetings with government representatives, private meetings, negotiations, and many more.

We are able to provide either simultaneous or consecutive interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation is where the translation is being done as the words are being spoken, meaning speaking at the same time as the person being translated. This is usually most suitable for events like conferences where ear pieces are being used, or for occasions where an interpreter is assigned to an individual and therefore translates quietly for that individual everything that is being said (eg. at court, in meetings, police stations, etc). Consecutive interpretation is where the translation is done after the person being translated has spoken, usually after every couple of sentences. This is most appropriate for occasions where some of those present speak English and others speak Bulgarian, meaning that both languages need to be heard clearly.

We are able to provide services throughout the UK, however please note that for bookings outside London, certain expenses will be payable and will be included in your quote, such as travel, accommodation (if applicable), etc. For bookings outside the A406/A205 motorways, travel time will also be charged. For more information on prices and expenses, please see our Pricing page.

To ask about the type of event or occasion you have in mind and to receive a quotation, please contact us via e-mail or telephone.

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